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4" -(12 per pack) Blue dot head Pyrex Glass Oil Burner Pipe

$23.99 USD
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Mini DAB Oil Rigs Internal Comb Perc Glass Oil Burner Mini DAB Oil Rigs Internal Comb Perc Glass Oil Burner
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Mini DAB Oil Rigs Internal Comb Perc Glass Oil Burner

$9.99 USD $19.99
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Oil Burner | 6" L Shaped Bent - 5 Pack Oil Burner | 6" L Shaped Bent - 5 Pack
21% off

Oil Burner | 6" L Shaped Bent - 5 Pack

$18.99 USD $23.99
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4-inch (12 pcs pack ) Colorful Pyrex Glass Thick Oil Burner Pipe

$35.99 USD
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Diamond Bowl | SK-629 Glass Diamond Bowl | SK-629 Glass
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Diamond Bowl | SK-629 Glass

$7.99 USD $14.99
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Silicone Bong- Rasta Color Silicone Water Pipe 12.5" Silicone Bong- Rasta Color Silicone Water Pipe 12.5"
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Silicone Bong- Rasta Color Silicone Water Pipe 12.5"

$34.99 USD $44.99
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Glass on Glass 8" Nectar Collector with Glass Dab Tool

$7.99 USD
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Scorch Torch 5.5" - Venus Bright Finish Push Button Torch Scorch Torch 5.5" - Venus Bright Finish Push Button Torch
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Scorch Torch 5.5" - Venus Bright Finish Push Button Torch

$15.99 USD $19.99
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13 Secrets About Crystal Ball Bongs

13 Secrets About Crystal Ball Bongs


A crystal ball bong is not just a smoking device; it's an embodiment of art and functionality. Crafted from various materials, its distinguishing feature is a crystal ball incorporated into the design. This crystal ball adds an aesthetic and spiritual dimension to the smoking experience.

Here are 13 Secrets Inside the Crystal Ball Bong

Secret #1: Enhancing Aesthetics

Beyond their functional use, crystal ball bongs serve as stunning decorative pieces. Discover how these unique smoking devices can add an aesthetic touch to your home décor.

Secret #2: Impact on Smoke Quality

The type of crystal used in a bong can significantly impact the flavor and quality of the smoke. Uncover the secrets behind how crystal ball bongs enhance the overall smoking experience.

Crystal Ball Bongs

Secret #3: Customization Options

Personalization is key when it comes to crystal ball bongs. Learn about the various ways you can customize your bong to make it uniquely yours, along with some exciting DIY tips.

Secret #4: Spiritual and Mystical Connections

Delve into the spiritual and mystical aspects associated with crystal ball bongs. From historical beliefs to modern interpretations, discover the deeper connections these smoking devices can have.

Secret #5: Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

Owning a crystal ball bong comes with the responsibility of proper care. Explore essential tips for cleaning and maintaining your bong to ensure it stays in top condition for a long time.

Secret #6: Collecting Rare Crystal Ball Bongs

For avid collectors, the rarity and value of crystal ball bongs are crucial considerations. Learn about factors that contribute to a bong's rarity and explore some notable collections from around the world.

Secret #7: Crystal Ball Bongs in Popular Culture

Crystal ball bongs have found their way into various forms of popular culture, from movies to music. Uncover the references and influences these unique smoking devices have on the broader cultural landscape.

Best Crystal Ball Bongs

Secret #8: Crystal Ball Bongs and Meditation

Discover how some individuals incorporate crystal ball bongs into their meditation practices. Explore the calming effects and unique experiences that can arise from combining these smoking devices with mindfulness and reflection.

Secret #9: Healing Properties of Crystal Bong Smoking

Delve into the idea that certain crystals, when used in bongs, are believed to have healing properties. Uncover the ancient and modern theories surrounding crystal healing and how it intertwines with the act of smoking from a crystal ball bong.

Secret #10: Socializing Rituals with Crystal Ball Bongs

Explore the social aspect of crystal ball bong usage. Learn about the unique rituals and traditions that have emerged within communities, where sharing a smoking session with a crystal ball bong becomes a bonding experience among friends.

Secret #11: Crystal Ball Bongs as Art Collectibles

Beyond functional use, crystal ball bongs are often regarded as collectible art pieces. Uncover the world of limited edition, artist-designed bongs that enthusiasts collect not just for their smoking capabilities but as valuable additions to their art collections.

Secret #12: Traveling with Crystal Ball Bongs

For those who enjoy their crystal ball bong experience on the go, discover tips and tricks for traveling with these unique smoking devices. From portable designs to legal considerations, this secret reveals how enthusiasts maintain their smoking rituals wherever they go.

Best Crystal Ball Bongs

Secret #13: The Ritual of Breaking-In a New Crystal Ball Bong

Every crystal ball bong has its own personality, and breaking in a new one is a special ritual for many smokers. Explore the traditions and customs associated with inaugurating a new bong, creating a unique bond between the user and their smoking device.

Ending Note:

In conclusion, the secrets of crystal ball bongs go beyond their functional use. They are a blend of history, artistry, and spirituality that continue to captivate enthusiasts. Whether you're a seasoned collector or a curious beginner, the world of crystal ball bongs invites exploration and appreciation.


1. Are crystal ball bongs only for smoking?

Crystal ball bongs can be used for smoking, but many people also use them as decorative pieces.

2. Can I customize my crystal ball bong?

Absolutely! Personalization is a significant aspect of crystal ball bongs, and there are various ways to customize them according to your preferences.

3. Are there any specific cleaning methods for crystal ball bongs?

Yes, cleaning methods may vary based on the material of your bong. It's essential to follow proper cleaning guidelines to maintain its quality.

4. Are crystal ball bongs considered collectibles?

Yes, many collectors value crystal ball bongs for their rarity and unique designs.

5. Where can I find rare crystal ball bongs for my collection?

You can explore specialty smoke shops, online auctions, or connect with fellow collectors to find rare crystal ball bongs.

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