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  • Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus Electric Nectar collectors Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus Electric Nectar
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    Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus Electric Nectar collectors

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  • Nectar Collector | Dab Straws Nectar Collector | Dab Straws
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    Nectar Collector | Dab Straws

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  • SK - 265 Nectar Collector Kit - Red Box Micro NC (10mm) SK - 265 Nectar Collector Kit - Red Box Micro NC (10mm)
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    SK - 265 Nectar Collector Kit - Red Box Micro NC (10mm)

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Nectar Collector


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Enjoy our selection of Dab Straws and Nectar Collectors, each expertly made with high-quality craftsmanship. Regardless of your level of experience with dabbing or curiosity about concentrates, our carefully chosen collection has something to offer everyone. Explore the ideal fusion of quality, innovation, and ease of use intended to revolutionize your dabbing experience. 

High Quality Nectar Collector & Dab Straws

  1. Nectar Collectors: With our Nectar Collectors, get the utmost in dabbing convenience. These cutting-edge tools provide a simple and effective way to dab, letting you enjoy your concentrates with ease. All you have to do is warm up the tip, put it into your concentrate, and take consistent, tasty hits.

  2. Dab Straws: Use our Dab Straws to make dabbing easier. Enjoying your concentrates while on the fly is hassle-free with these lightweight and adaptable tools. Dab Straws are a handy substitute for conventional dab rigs because of their straightforward design and user-friendly features, which let you dab precisely and carefully wherever you are.

  3. Silicone Nectar Collectors: With our Silicone Nectar Collectors, you may achieve unprecedented durability. These absolutely unbreakable nectar collectors are made of premium silicone materials, making them ideal for outdoor and vacation use. Savor the ease of use of a conventional nectar collector along with the extra security of a long-lasting, robust design.

  4. Glass Dab Straws: With our Glass Dab Straws, you can enhance your dabbing experience. These premium borosilicate glass dab straws are extremely durable and heat resistant, guaranteeing a tasty and hygienic dabbing experience each and every time. Choose from a variety of distinctive patterns and hues to get the ideal glass dab straw to complement your personal taste.

At Smoke Mega, we're committed to providing dab enthusiasts with the highest quality Nectar Collectors and Dab Straws to enhance their dabbing experience. Shop our collection today and discover the perfect tool to take your dabbing ritual to the next level.